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Zerif Partner Program provides for an extension to your current capacity thus adding a virtual task force, domain and technology expertise to your organization instantly. With Zerif Branding as a business partner you can be assured of onetime delivery and an instant increase of your business!

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It is a challenge to keep track of emerging technologies and deploy them effectively to fuel your growth. Outsourcing helps you manage this challenge. Zerif Branding 360 degree approach enables us to help you meet this ever growing challenge of integrating technology to your business needs. Organic growth can be expensive,we help you grow virtually!

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Agility and Scale.

Outsourcing is not a necessity it's a Phenomenon now. It is a well established fact that outsourcing is having a positive impact on the world economy at large. Some of the many benefits that are entailed in outsourcing are the savings in costs, improved quality, and access to talent that is untapped and is available at a lesser wage, reduction in the time to market, tax benefits and also the much hallowed concept of commodification. In spite of some minor deterrents, outsourcing is the way forward for the developed as well as the developing countries. The skilled work force that is available in these emerging markets is very much at par if not exceeds those of other markets. Offshore outsourcing is an lucrative business model that helps global IT and software companies to streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage.

Outsourcing Benefits

Concentration on the core business operations.

Gaining additional pace in providing complete services to customers by providing framework through outsourcing.

Building confidence in organizations to venture into new area of business.

Offshore outsourcing is cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround times, and minimizing customer attrition through non-local outsourcing.

Experienced support for IT Re-skill of remaining staff on more marketable skills and services Reduced operating costs.

Optimization of system management & support processes.

Enhancement of project management, and service delivery.

Time saving (for more important tasks).

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